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We here at Jungle world believe that flowers for businesses should be really exciting! Everyone knows the common roses, sunflowers and daisies, why not open their eyes to something brand new? There are so many strange and unknown, yet beautiful flowers in the world, most of which are hard to find or filed as a protected species

Don’t worry; we aren’t going to include flowers like the ‘Corpse Flower’ or any other flower/fungus which can kill you simply from smelling it!

  • Okay, so our favourite is the Beehive Ginger!

Close up Yellow Beehive Ginger - Zingiber spectabile. - iStock_000071373705_Medium
According to flowersacrossmelborne.com, the beehive Ginger is considered in the top five weirdest flowers in the world, we here at Jungle world love it for a different reason though, it last a very long time, giving the receiver a flower that lasts and lasts.

  • Our second favourite is the Monkey Face Orchid

You’ve kind of got to see it to believe it, the inside of the flower looks like a cute monkeys face, with two small black dots for eyes, an extra bit of fuzz for the nose and a small mouth, from a distance the bottom of the petals look like small hands reaching out. It’s easy to understand how this flower is also called Dracula Simia as the long petals could be mistaken for fangs, but the ‘Simia’ part of the name also refers to the close resemblance of primates.

If you love plants that look like other things, check out this YouTube video we found!

  • Third on the list of flower love is the Flying Duck Orchid,

Watch the video below! It’s native to Australia and its blooms look like ducks when they take off for flight. It uses this shape to increase pollination, sawflies drop onto the ‘bill’, their weight is enough to trigger the ‘bill’ to temporarily bend inwards, and the fly lands inside the flower, the only way out is to go through a small pollen section, the sawfly leaves covered in pollen. Unfortunately, we can’t get our hands on this one, it only grows in the wild in Australia, off a fungus and it has never ever been propagated!

  • Bring on number 4. Lithops Weberi.

The best flower for people who are not at all green fingered in the slightest! This flower looks like it blooms from a rock! It’s from South Africa and has adapted to not having much water at all! If you want more flowers, simply wait until the ones you have sprout leaves and then plant the leaves into the pebbled floor you need as a base, and voila! You have just given yourself more flowers!

Lithops - iStock_000072565579_Medium

  • Our last, but certainly not least favourite flower is…

Desert Pea! Like the Lithops Weberi, the Desert Pea has adapted to living in arid temperatures, they do look slightly like aliens, but that’s why we love them so much!  They’re native to Australia and seen all over, but they are a protected species, you need consent from the Australian government to collect them!

Group of Australian wildflower, Sturts Desert Pea, which is the floral emblem of South Australia

Group of Australian wildflower, Sturts Desert Pea, which is the floral emblem of South Australia

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