Top Tips on Effective Ways to Improve Workplace Motivation & Morale

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Have you noticed that your employees sometimes look like they would like to be anywhere but sat at their desk on a Monday morning? Well this is normal – no one wants to be at work on a Monday morning. However, have you started to notice that your staff are looking less than happy on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon too? If so, it might be time to come up with ideas for boosting workplace morale and encouraging more productivity.

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Don’t worry! Sometimes it’s simply a case of changing up a mundane routine and injecting something different into the place. Sometimes it’s thinking up ideas that will encourage your employees to be more productive during the working day.

Whatever your plan of action might be, being proactive is your best chance of boosting motivation. To start you off, we have put together some of our top tips for making a difference in your office!

Encourage & Reward All Jobs That Are Well Done

Everyone likes to be praised for doing a good job and this is exactly the same for your employees. Sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than getting a personal well done from someone higher up from you, whether it’s your manager or the big boss.

Congratulating or rewarding someone for doing an excellent job will make them feel important and encourage them to repeat the excellence in the future – or even strive to beat it.

Put Emphasis on Team Work

We know that everyone has their individual work to be getting on with but we think that letting employees isolate themselves can often cause problems. You should encourage your staff to work as part of a team for certain pieces of work, even if it’s just holding a weekly meeting for them to bounce ideas off each other.

People often feel more motivated after talking through ideas with work colleagues, as they can often provide each other with ideas that they hadn’t even thought about.

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Set Realistic Targets   

Setting goals and targets from your staff will encourage productivity in the workplace. However, these must be goals that are achievable otherwise they will see no point in even trying to reach them. Attainable goals will give them something to realistically aim for, and something to celebrate once they have achieved them!

They don’t have to be too easy, just something that can be done in a specific time frame.

Brighten Up The Workplace

Take a look around your workplace or office. Giving an honest opinion, is it a little drab, dull and not motivating in the slightest? You might not think that the colours on the wall make a difference to how your employees work but you would be very surprised.

On a wet and dark winters morning, the last thing people want to do is to come work in an office that is also dark and unwelcoming. We suggest making your workplace a lot more attractive by decorating it with bright colours, big pictures and elegant office decorations.

As a leading provider of corporate flowers in London, we can’t stress enough about the difference that a few brightly coloured plants and flowers can make in an office. They can make people more motivated, boost morale and cheer up those who are dreaming of being elsewhere (even on a Monday!).

Anemone sylvestris (snowdrop anemone)

We hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for boosting morale in your workplace, and we hope that they work brilliantly for you! If you’re interested in ordering some flowers to brighten up your office, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Jungleworld.

You can give us a call on 0208 968 8190 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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