The Top 3 Office Plants For Your Desk At Work

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Flowers and plants are a wonderful gift and presence. Not only do they look great in the office, make the office a nicer place to be and reduce our overall stress levels, they’re also a wonderful gift that can brighten up any day! So,why not add some natural life to your desk to help enhance all those great feelings? Below are some of the top plants for your desk at work.

1. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is a type of evergreen vine. The leaves are lovely and large and can sometimes be heart-shaped. They come in a wide variety of dark and light colours for the leaves. These plants are perfect for the office because they adapt well to office conditions, from bright light to low light levels. The plant is easy to maintain, so won’t take up your precious time and they look beautiful sitting on a desk, table or shelf.

2. Ficus Benjamina

This is also known as the ‘weeping fig’ and is considered a versatile plant which looks wonderful as part of a display or as a stand-alone beauty. Cold drafts from doors and windows can harm them, so make sure it’s placed away from any draft prone areas. Again, these plants are easy to maintain and will create a tranquil atmosphere in your work space.

3. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are very broad and wide with deep green leaves, but they grow into beautiful white flowers. They are extremely popular because they don’t need lots of light and they won’t die if you over-water them, therefore great for those who are forgetful. Peace lilies are also known for maintaining clean air and helping to remove any toxins, thus making your work space a better place to be. A perfect addition to your desk.

If you’re interested in office flowers or plants for your work space, then check out the range on offer by Jungle World. We supply corporate and office flowers to a wide array of businesses across London and use only the best flowers and plants direct from auctions in Holland. Contact us today for more information.

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