It’s Time to Redesign Your Office

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It’s time to move away from the cubicle and into communal working and quiet rooms, say the industry experts. In the biggest change to office design in recent years, workers are being encouraged to use a variety of flexible spaces that maximise natural light and increase creativity and productivity.

The days of minimalism in the workplace are over: less, it seems, really is less. By making a few simple changes and bringing plants and flowers into your workplace, you can capitalise on the latest office trends.

The Multipurpose Workspace

Get rid of the cubicles and encourage employees to congregate, communicate and co-operate. The trend is towards multipurpose spaces that can be used for presentations and breakout sessions, with comfortable seating and large desks. It’s a proven fact that flowers on your desk have a calming influence, reducing anxiety and stress. A few large and informal bouquets of seasonal flowers will enhance not only the environment but creativity and productivity, too.

Florist at work. Woman making spring floral decorations

Bringing the Outside Inside

This is a big trend in office design, with the use of natural textures like wood and natural motifs in textiles contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. So ditch the pot plants and think about creating a green wall, or introduce clean air plants into your office. Sansevieria trifasciata absorbs toxins, whilst architectural aloes purify air and provide instant first aid for skin injuries.

thick green plant wall for office iStock_000065368925_Small

Space to Lounge

With wireless technology increasingly freeing work from the tyranny of the desk, a relaxed space with comfortable furniture to encourage lounging is becoming increasingly popular. Try the informality of sunflowers or daisies for a burst of colour in your cable-free spaces.

Man using laptop on couch in office iStock_000051563984_Small

Quiet Time

Having a quiet space is becoming a must-have in any office, giving staff a space where they can really focus on a project in a distraction free setting, away from the corporate hustle and bustle. Orchids are the perfect sculptural bloom for a calm and tranquil thinking space.

Beautiful purple orchid - phalaenopsis

At Jungle World we’re committed to making your new office design work with flowers. For more information contact us today.

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