The Use of Flowers in Logos

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The use of flower logos is not just restricted to florists. It may seem like that would be the case, flowers are part of their trade after all. But, many other companies have used flowers as a way to brand themselves over the years in order to create memorable and eye pleasing logos.


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BP plc, also known by its former name of British Petroleum, is one of the world’s major oil and gas companies. For BP the branding of their logo not only represents their company, but what they do. It is both a representation of the sun and the renewal that it’s energy provides in the green nature of the earth. They state that it stands for the constant effort they put into providing better energy, both today and for the energy needs of the future.


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Adidas has gone through a number of logos over the years, but one of their most popular and a well-remembered logo is that of the trefoil. This incorporated the three stripes that Adidas is famous for and added flower petals, also in a pattern of three, in order to create an attractive black logo. It was chosen because Adidas wished to convey that their products were more diverse than it had been previously. They have since moved on from this design on the majority of their products, but it is still used on a number of ‘classic’ lines and represents the move to a newer image for the company.


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Walmart had a rather bland logo for many years; it was simply their name, and so in the last decade they strove to change it. This meant a move away from capital letters in order to be more approachable as a company and the inclusion of a ‘petal burst’ after the name. This represented a full rebranding and renewal for the company, something that signified the spark, friendliness and warmth of the company on a different level.

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