Symbolism of Flower Gifting Around the World

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Flowers are one of the most widely used symbols around the world; they are used in various cultures, such as in celebrations and events, and they are also used in religious context. However, not all flowers mean the same thing in various parts of the world.

Since we love everything flower related, we’ve decided to look at the symbolism of gifting various flowers around the world.

Flower Gifting in Asia

In Asia, gifting flowers to teachers is the most popular gift in China, with the most popular flower to be gifted being the Peony. They are typically found in light and dark pinks, and as white, which symbolises purity and happiness; this is why they are particularly popular in Asian weddings.

Whatever you do, if you are in Asia, don’t present potted plants, as they symbolise that your relationship is restricted and contained in a negative way. However, in Russia, flowers are given as a single flower or a bunch, as opposed to an attractive floral arrangement or a gift basket.

Stunning pink flowers

Flower Gifting in Europe

In the UK, some people follow a tradition where, if you are invited into someone’s home, you bring flowers. However, make sure that you don’t bring lilies, as they are a symbol of death. Another popular tradition – particularly at weddings – is that the bride carries flowers, as it is believed that it will not only ward off evil spirits but will ensure fertility.

Another tradition that is still used to this day is that gifting flowers should be completed in odd numbers, but make sure that thirteen flowers are never presented, as it is an incredibly unlucky number.

Wedding bouquet in the hands of fiancee

Flower Gifting in America

At Christmas time, gifting flowers isn’t particularly common in the UK, but it is common for people in the US to gift flowers. When it comes to gifting roses, it is important to make sure that you have an assortment of colours, such as pinks, peaches, yellows, and whites. Women in the US appreciate beautiful assortments of fresh flowers, so it is important to maintain that tradition when in the US.

Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Wine Glasses

Flower Gifting in Africa

Presenting flowers isn’t as common in Africa as in Asia, Europe, and the US. In South Africa, flowers are exchanged extensively during the Christmas period. However, in North Africa, especially Egypt, flowers are only presented at funerals and weddings.

As you can see, flowers mean different things around the world, and the traditions are completely different, but there are also some similarities, which is incredibly important.

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