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When it comes to your work place, you’ll want to boast a range of floral additions that not only complement your office vibe, but highlight the key colour schemes and textures throughout. From blank magnolia walls to spacious lobbies and tiled entrance ways – finding the perfect office flowers in London can be tricky!

But don’t worry! As lovers of all things nature, we’ve put together this short guide highlighting our favourite classic, modern and simply stylish arrangements to improve productivity, boost staff morale and brighten the place up a little! Enjoy.

Keep It Simple


Subtle shades are the perfect way to create a cohesive floral arrangement to suit your decor. Focus on particular shades, and bring together a range of different hues to create a calming yet stylised palette. In order to achieve a ‘pretty in pastel’ aesthetic, pay attention to height and shape, and arrange taller stems nearer to the back and top. Mix-and-match lilacs with lemon yellows and dusty  blues, and fill gaps with sweet peas or other small blooms.


For an added bit of greenery, opt for a few larger scale leaves to frame the arrangement, making the bouquet a feature!

Compare and Contrast


Dark, vibrant colours, when paired with lighter hues can add drama to a space, so opt for midnight blues, duck egg greens and rich maroons to really create an impactful palette.


When it comes to styling, arrange the base colour together, and insert a few dark-hued blooms in between. Fewer dark flowers will give more contrast, so be careful in your selection and styling. For extra floral details, consider injecting wider greens of ivy or hosta throughout!

Be Bold!


A bouquet of bold hues, especially blues, violets and fuchsias is the ultimate mood-lifting arrangement, and will add a blast of colour to the most neutral of spaces. These shades are particular great for adding tranquillity, and can be clashed with both primary and secondary shades.


For an artistic twist on a classic combination, opt for smaller bunches of hyacinths, tulips, irises and hydrangeas in any shade from the indigo family. Cluster flowers which vary in shape, texture and stem length to incorporate a ‘field flower’ aesthetic. Add a range of green leaves to offset the bright colours.

Summer Days


For a floral arrangement that’s sure to add a blast of vibrancy and productivity into an office, opt for non-traditional sunshine hues. Consider turquoise shades, lilacs and sky blues to really add a summer vibe to your work place.


If you’d prefer to keep it traditional – consider sunflowers and brightly coloured florals that draw attention and offer space-enhancing qualities from the word ‘go’. Pair purple hues with primary shades, such as leafy greens and energetic yellows, adding a sense of coherent yet stylised decor throughout. Opt for oversized arrangements in glass vases so as not to draw attention away from the floral details, and complement strong and powerful shades  with contrasting darker tones.

Here at Jungle World, we’re passionate about flowers, and boast an extensive range of workplace-perfect plants and flowers that promise to enhance a space, and your employee mood. Our friendly and creative team are forever on hand to answer any questions you may have, so for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0208 968 8190.

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