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Most people choose a fragrance because they enjoy the scent, and find that it makes them feel better. Floral scents are amongst the most popular smells, since they have positive effects on our emotions and wellbeing. Smelling flowers can take you back years into the past by stirring up memories of your first date, for example, and it can even make employees more productive:


Plants and flowers in the office need to be taken care of, but they more than pay back that effort. For example, by having green leafy plants in the workplace, people tend to feel more creative and act on it too. This might be due to the fact that plants freshen up the air and increase the blood flow to the brain.


The smell of flowers can make you feel happier and promote social interaction behaviours. Maybe this is due to the fact that humans and plants have evolved together but, whatever the reason, the truth is that flower scents can lift your spirits, especially if that smell is a favourite. By having flowers in a corporate environment, you’re enhancing your mood and lowering your blood pressure and pulse rates, as well as your anxiety.


Being around flowers can help you feel more focused, both at home and at the office. If you’re feeling distracted in the workplace, having flowers or plants with you can make you perform your tasks better and with higher accuracy.

Anger Management

Being exposed to sweet floral scents, like the one from ylang ylang, can help you feel more relaxed, at peace, and less likely to unleash your frustrations on a co-worker.


Aromatic flowers, like lavender, can help you get a good night’s sleep before that important work presentation. And if you need to relax after a major stressful situation, you can keep narcissus and jasmine around to clear your mind.

As for dreaming, a study has found that smelling flowers before going to bed can lead to better dreams. The emotional content of those dreams changed depending on the smells people were exposed to. For example, some had the pleasant smell of flowers, others hydrogen sulphide (or, as it’s known, the smell of rotten eggs) and others had nothing at all. People exposed to floral scents reported more pleasant dreams.


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