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The cactus is a popular plant, specifically known for its spikey exterior and leafless stems. This unique- looking plant, with an uncertain identity, is an exceptional plant for the home or workplace. Whatever the environment, a Cactus can survive, and complement the space amongst any backdrop.

This stunning and individual plant, which comes in all kind of shapes and sizes can certainly complement the interior design of your corporate space. You can add instant texture and style to an area with a simple cactus arrangement.

Cactus 1

A Spike in History

The family of Cactaceae is made up of around 127 genera, with some 1750 known species belonging to flowering plants. The word itself comes from a Latin source, and was originally used by the ancient Greeks who were not entirely certain of the unique spiny plants name.

Most Cacti live in habitats that expect at least a little drought. They are very versatile, but mostly live in dry environments, as they are mostly succulents. They are even found in the Atacama Desert, which is one of the driest places on the planet.

Cactus are mostly succulents, which means they have more fleshy parts, which are thickened to store water. Their spines have evolved over time to adapt to their living conditions. Although this is the case, they cannot remove water from cold soils, and are dormant in winter, only growing in summer time. This means you can go on holiday for two weeks and not have to worry about the watering.

Cactus 2

What Does the Cactus Symbolise?

As the cactus blooms its yellow or pink flowers, like most cacti do, these symbolise warmth, protection, and endurance. The flower itself is a symbol of maternal love, reflecting the survival through harsh conditions. Due to its medicinal properties, it can symbolise the protective qualities of a mothering love as in the past, the pulp was used to treat wounds and sickness.

Healing Qualities

There are said to be many health benefits and healing qualities from the cactus and its pulp. In the past, natives used the juice as a hair tonic to apply to the scalp. Its ‘peyote’ or pulp, can give a cooling effect and can be used to treat bites and poisoning. It is also rich in elements used for nervousness and insomnia and has been said to have antiseptic properties; hence why it can be used to heal wounds and infection.

The interior world has seen a spike in popularity for cacti in offices and homes, with the plant quickly becoming one of the industry’s favourite indoor plants. The prickly plant was very popular in the 50’s and it is being revived again and embraced in workspaces. It can give a revival in the home or office, and displaying a cactus can give a fresh, clean, and modern look to fit into any space.

Cactus 3

The cactus is a unique choice but is an ideal and stunning plant for both a modern and traditional corporate environment. Here at Jungle World, we are experts in supplying the right plant and floral arrangements for offices and supply to over 600 customers every week. If you would like to know any more about our services and products we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team on 0208 968 8190, and we would be more than happy to discuss any of our unique plants or flowers, and provide the perfect service for you.

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