Simple Ways to Make Your Office Greener

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Changing your office environment to make it more eco-friendly does not need to be expensive or technologically challenging. Here are a few easy and affordable ways to make your workplace greener.

Use Eco-Products

When selecting furniture, office equipment, and even paper for your office, you should be sure to think carefully about your choice. For example, there are plenty of companies who manufacture recycled printer toner and printer paper. Not only are these options cheaper, they are better for the planet too.

Green-up your Office

The use of living plants on the exterior of high-rises in major cities across the world is becoming increasingly popular, adding a splash of colour to lift the glass and metal view that can become very drab, especially in the winter months.

Fresh plants can really help to soften the office environment by breaking up the harsh landscape of storage cabinets, desks, and electrical equipment. Plants also help to improve the air quality in offices where the windows can’t be opened and air conditioning is in constant use. As plants ‘breathe’, they detox your space, sucking in toxins and carbon dioxide and giving off valuable extra oxygen, helping to keep your workers alert and productive, and preventing outbreaks of ‘office lurgies’.

Office flowers not only look beautiful, they can also give off a pleasant scent, meaning that you can ditch artificial air conditioners.


Much of what’s considered disposable in your office can be recycled. Empty printer cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer for refilling, making your printing costs much cheaper. Old DVDs and fluorescent strip bulbs can be handed in to your local council depot for recycling.

When it’s time to replace computer equipment, monitors, and printers, rather than just skipping everything, try offering your old tech to a local school, college or charity organisation. Funding for such items in the education and charity sector is always stretched, and your old stuff will certainly be put to good use. The same applies to old office furniture and filing cabinets.

So you see, greening-up the office doesn’t have to be a mega-challenge. Just making a few simple, little changes to the way you do things can make a massive difference to the health of the environment and to your office workers.

Start your office green-up today and contact us at Jungle World to find out more about our wide range of office plants and flowers.

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