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After the festivities, most of us feel very gloomy when the time comes to return to work, it is therefore important to provide yourself and workers with a stimulating atmosphere! Nothing is more depressing than returning to the cold corporate world of a plain, dull office or even last year’s Christmas decorations – you can almost hear the groans and sighs aloud just reading this, don’t worry though, it is easily resolved.

A way to ensure that your office is vibrant, stimulating and full of creativity is to use corporate flowers; new refreshing decor will certain revitalise your office and ease fellow employees and workers back into work – you may even see a few smiles!

To help you to choose the best plants or flowers for your office for this time of year we’ve selected a few of our favourite arrangements, so go on read on to find out more…

Tropical Bowls

Tropical plants are perfect for the office; they don’t need that much care and will provide the office with a summery feeling that is bound to raise spirits! Place these plants on window sills and desks to add a splash of colour to your interior.

Sunflower Vases

If there is one flower that was created just to make us feel a little bit happier, it is the sun flower! Pretty and bold, this flower will certainly brighten up grey spaces and always receives compliments from visitors to your office. It is professional and attractive – the perfect combination.

Tall Plants 

In many office buildings, corner spaces are left blank and bare, but you can easily add life to them by adding a corner plant such as a cactus. These plants will breathe fresh life into your office and add a little bit of much needed greenery. Easy to care for and subtly statement making they are excellent for giving your office that special something.

Flowers and plants are an excellent way to create a positive, creative and professional atmosphere. Don’t let January blues get in the way of your business by decorating your office area with the theme of your choice.

If you would like more information about our corporate flowers, please do get in contact with us, we are always happy to help and are passionate about providing all of our customers with the best possible arrangements and plants.

Call us on 0208 968 8190 or send an email to to speak to us today.

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