The Psychology of Colour in Floral Displays

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Colour trends come and go with time. What’s fashionable this year will be passé the next. But flowers and plants aren’t like the paint on your office walls or the colour of the chairs in your company’s reception. They’re always in fashion, but their colours can have a profound effect on mood.


There’s a reason we give red roses on Valentine’s Day and add red berries to festive decorations. It stirs the emotions, increases energy and can raise heart rate and blood pressure. To stir up some passion on the sales floor, choose flowers with scarlet blossoms or foliage with red or copper tones.

red corporate flowers


Blue is a calming colour which can slow respiration and bring heart rates down to a relaxed and easy-going pace. It reminds us of the sun-filled skies of summer, or the shimmer of a holiday sea, but should be mixed with whites so that arrangements aren’t too dark. Unfortunately, dark blues have a tendency to give us the blues! However, arrangements containing delphiniums or sprigs of blue spruce with white roses and gypsophila can quickly tame a tense boardroom.


Green is probably the most versatile colour and it’s always associated with the lushness and freshness of growth and nature. It is the most calming of colours, but also the one most connected with creative thinking, so tubs of palms, planters with riots of foliage or even twisted green bamboo in jars, will get staff and clients’ brains buzzing.


Yellow is reminiscent of sunshine and makes us think happy thoughts. It activates memory, promotes communication and sparks creativity. To promote immediate feelings of welcome and warmth, yellow flowers or foliage are an excellent choice in reception areas.

Bright flowers representing the psychology of colour

Other Colours and Arrangements to Consider

Beyond the four main colours, there are others which can complement an arrangement and bring an added element to a display.

Purple is the colour of opulence and luxury and is associated with quality and sophistication, while paler, lavender shades bring a feeling of peace and tranquillity, and pinks add softness and tenderness.

Orange is a hectic colour and promotes excitement, great for conference rooms and businesses like gyms and spas. White, on the other hand, can be cold but can be useful to tone down stronger colours and add warmth to cooler ones.

Outdoor displays which use a vibrant mix of colours suggest a dynamic and up-to-the-minute business, while permanent indoor displays using different textures and shades of foliage suggest discretion and reliability.

To find out more about how the colours of corporate flowers can impact the mood in your office, contact us at Jungle World today.

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