Preparing Your Office for Spring (It’s Never Too Early!)

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Spring is a wonderful time of renewal; birds chirping, the sun (hopefully) coming out, and everyone starting to wear bright colours. Getting your office ready for the new season will make sure that your employees’ motivation and mood gets a boost.

Spring Cleaning

Although not fun, spring cleaning is essential as clutter has a way of piling up before you know it. Similarly, you might not have noticed how much paper has accumulated on desks – going paperless can be more difficult than it seems! Taking some time to go through what’s on desks might make result in you finding notes you jotted down months prior and don’t need anymore.

In addition, your computer’s desktop and hard drive might also need some cleaning up. It’s often easier to save documents on the desktop, but it makes for a disorganised computer. Take some time to organise your files


Bring Colour Into the Office

Spring is colourful, and the office should reflect the outdoors for a bright and positive environment. As the warm weather slowly begins to settle outside, adding a touch of spring with colourful accessories will keep the happiness levels up. A vibrant picture frame, for example, will give any desk a pop of colour.


Plants and Flowers

For a sunny-yellow colour, daffodils are a staple must-have in your office for spring. The embodiment of spring, the season won’t be the same without them. If you want a twist to the “traditional” daffodil, there are many varieties with different colours and petal shapes.

Iris reticulate or “Harmony” Iris is a beautiful flower that will grow up to six inches in size. Ideal for desks, they will release a pleasant fragrance daily, ensuring the entire office is wrapped in a calming scent.

Hyacinth flowers are colourful and beautiful flowers that are sure to light up any office. In addition, their fragrant scent will fill up the room and add an extra touch of relaxation. With over 2000 varieties of hyacinth, you can find the colours that suit your office – or your brand – the best, such as blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and red.

Here at Jungle World we’re expert commercial florists, ensuring you find the ideal flowers for your workplace. The smell of flowers can positively impact your employees, so make sure to get ahead of spring and start preparing your office for the new season. Contact us on 0208 968 8190 to speak to our friendly team; we’re always happy to help!


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