Pink is the New Christmas

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There are certain rules and colour codes that arrive with the festive season – it’s built into our culture and is engrained in our Christmas traditions.

Red, green and gold are the most common of holiday hues, as clusters of holly sprigs, poinsettias and mistletoe berries adorn most Christmas flower displays.

Winter and christmas background with red holly berriy clusters, mistletoe, spruce fir leaf sprigs and pine cones.

But people often forget that there are several colours on the winter spectrum that add a vibrancy to the dullest of seasons. Cold purples, snowy whites and icy blues can provide a frosty feel to your corporate flowers.

In fact, the typical Christmas colours aren’t particularly cold colours at all. Red is symbolic of heat and greens typically make us think of trees in full bloom during the summer months. So why do they make such a common appearance around December?

It is not the change in the seasons where Christmas gets its colours – the poinsettia, for example, is referred to in a Mexican tale as a religious symbol.

It tells of a less fortunate child who presents a humble gift of weeds picked from the roadside to put upon the church altar on Christmas Eve as a gift to symbolise the birth of Jesus Christ. The congregation then witness a miracle as the weeds bloom into beautiful red and green flowers.

The shape of the flower itself is also emblematic of the star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus and its red plumage is representative of the blood of Christ.

Today the flower signifies good cheer, success and the cause for celebration.

So why not petition for a change in petal this Christmas? Stray from tradition and explore the rest of the spectrum.

Pink as a deviation of red symbolises romance, love and friendship which is essentially what Yuletide is all about – spending this time of year with family and loved ones. Gerberas, pink lilies and gladioli could be an alternative choice of display to share the love!

White symbolises light, purity, innocence and goodness. Hydrangeas and orchids could be the order of the day to represent the original story of the religious holiday.

Fresh sunflower flowers in rustic antique vase on wooden table and rustic background

Bright yellow is the colour of joy and happiness which Christmas brings to us all, so phalaenopsis or a bunch of cheery sunflowers may bring with them the feeling the colour stands for.

Perhaps you’re not one to pass up on tradition; if this is the case then luckily there are several other red flowers you could try instead! Perhaps a bunch of red roses, a vriesea bowl, or maybe a vase of exotic ginger lilies will decorate your Christmas this year?

At Jungle World we strive to make your Christmas tailor made to your tastes this year. To give your office a festive twist for the holiday season, or to opt for a dynamic display that may stray from the traditional fir twigs and holly sprigs, browse our diverse range of plants and flowers on our website. Otherwise contact us on 0208 968 8190 for helpful advice and further information on our products.

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