Perfect Autumn Flowers to Match Your Office

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Autumn has a unique colour palette, unmatched by the other seasons. Where spring is dominated by blues and yellows, summer by rich pinks, and winter by deep greens and red berries, autumn features a rich array of golds, rusts and bronzes with subtle hints of purple and fuchsia. Autumn colours are warm yet bold, with a subtlety that other seasons lack, which makes them perfect for sophisticated office flower arrangements.

Best for Drama: Chrysanthemums and Dahlias

For striking and flamboyant arrangements that harness all the drama of the season, choose spiky chrysanthemums and dahlias. Use them alone in monotone arrangements that let the colours and textures pop, or soften the overall effect with toning winter foliage and berries. A topiary-style arrangement of chrysanthemum or dahlias looks absolutely stunning. These are real ‘power flowers’, so save them for the lobby or the boardroom.

Fall pumpkins and flowers

A Flair for the Unusual: Exotic Blooms

If you’re not prepared to give up on summer just yet and hanker after warmer climes, then go for the exotic. Towering arrangements of strelitzia and orchids play on the autumnal colour palette but with striking and unusual shapes – perfect for the contemporary office.

Keeping it Informal: Tithonia and Gerberas

For a more informal arrangement that doesn’t look too ‘try hard’, Mexican sunflowers and toning gerberas are hard to beat. The daisy shapes hark back to summer but a palette of oranges and deep yellows makes them seasonal. Arranged in a hollowed-out pumpkin, these are bang on trend for the more relaxed and informal office.

A bunch of red gerberas

A Twist on the Traditional: Tulips and Roses

Hothouse tulips and roses look gorgeous in autumnal tones and can be kept very formal or softened with autumnal foliage, berries and fruits. Consider rich, red pomegranates and purple figs which look gorgeous with shades of pink, orange and red roses and tulips for an arrangement that’s right at home in a more traditional office.

At Jungleworld, we love working in tune with the seasons to produce beautiful floral displays that reflect the personality and ethos of your office. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to design your office flowers for any time of year.

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