How Does Your Office Say Goodbye to Summer?

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The great British summer (or what there was of it) is now almost over. As people everywhere return from their holidays, fold away the summer dresses and start to brace themselves for the colder, darker days of autumn, how is your office bidding goodbye to the fine, sunny weather?

So Long, Summer!

Some stick their heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to the dying days of the season, but many offices have developed their own end of summer traditions and rituals. With team members disappearing for their holidays at various times over the past few months, the office can be a strange place over the summer, and now it’s all back together again as autumn sets in.

Enjoying fresh coffee together. Through a glass shot of beautiful young couple looking at each other and smiling while enjoying coffee in cafe togetherFor some, it’s an excuse to get the disposable barbecues out for one last time and have a departmental get-together in the park over the way, or one last after office hours drink at the bar on the riverfront. In the past few years, big staff away-days – of the fun variety, rather than the educational sort – have also been proving popular, with many giving a last hurrah to summer with locked room games or even a cheeky day out to the beach, if the boss allows it.

Keeping the Summer Vibe Going

Another increasingly popular way of keeping the summer vibe going even as the autumn chill sets in is by finding new ways to bring the outdoors in. The windows may be locked and the heating turned up, but adding a splash of summer colour to your office can really help perk things up when everything starts to feel a little gloomy.

paper star iStock_000025548564_SmallStudies have shown that having flowers and plants around the office can elevate mood and make people more contented at work, so investing in a few pot plants or flower displays can be a nice way to bid goodbye to summer.

With some stunning floral arrangements and a vast collection of beautiful blooms to help inject a little life back into the sterile, corporate office, Jungle World can help you cling on to the last of the glorious summer weather as September and October loom. We’ve been brightening offices across the capital for many years, so contact us today to spread a little cheer and keep the summer vibe going.

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