How Office Flowers Can Improve Workplace Culture

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These days being able to improve workplace culture is often seen as a long-term and expensive project involving consultants, staff tension and unsettling change.

Small changes, however, can often make a big difference. Office flowers are a good example of this. Here’s how office flowers can improve the culture of your workplace:

They Show Your Staff You’re Taking Their Wellbeing Seriously

Many companies talk about employee wellbeing and the need to support it, but by placing office plants and flowers around the workplace this is a visual reminder to staff that you’re investing in them. A well-timed communication with some of the facts and figures below, on reducing sickness and stress, also highlights that you recognise the pressures staff are facing and have implemented this change to help them.

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They Brighten Up an Office

Let’s face it, lots of corporate office space is fairly dull; this can lead to lower productivity and an unhappy environment, which creates an unhealthy workplace culture. Using colourful flowers, and lots of green plants to brighten up space is proven through research to improve employee welfare. Office plants are also linked to improving creativity which will bring positive benefits to the workforce too.

Plants Reduce Stress

One study conducted in 2010 highlighted that anger and hostility dropped by 44% and tension and anxiety by 37% when plants were introduced. A stressed workforce is one which in time creates a very negative and demotivated culture, and so introducing office plants and flowers will help reduce the likelihood of this happening in your organisation.

Reduce Absence

When overworked employees have to cover regularly for absent staff, this can create resentment and hostility. It is estimated that sick days cost the average UK employer £120,000. When you introduce plants or flowers into the workplace, it’s estimated to reduce absenteeism by around 50% and major sickness by 30%. This benefits both the absent member of staff and also their colleagues, improving working relationships as well as reducing the cost of absenteeism in your organisation.

To start improving your workplace culture today, contact us for all your office plant and flower needs.

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