Corporate Office Christmas Trees

Professional Christmas Tree Decorating Service

Jungle World have partnered with The Planteria Group to offer a bespoke range of office Christmas trees. Choose from a wide variety of finishes and colours, alongside our options for a Christmas tree decorating service.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional office Christmas tree, complete with all the decorations, or a bespoke commercial Christmas tree that complements your company’s colour scheme, The Planteria Group are your first port of call during the festive period.

Additional Extras for Your Office Christmas Tree

Many Additional Options to Choose from Alongside Your Christmas Tree with The Planteria Group

Once you start to place your order for your commercial Christmas tree from The Planteria Group, you will also be able to benefit from a choice of many additional extras, such as artificial garlands and wreaths, and presents under the tree, all of which make for a perfect complement to any style of office Christmas tree in whatever colour you have chosen.

As an additional extra, you can also save yourself time by taking advantage of The Planteria Group’s extremely convenient and comprehensive Christmas tree decorating service. Our professional team will ensure that your tree and any extras you order are fully installed and ready to be enjoyed throughout the festive period. By choosing to include our Christmas tree decorating service alongside your order, you are rest assured that your office will be fully decorated and ready for the festivities.

Order Online Via The Planteria Group Today

Browse The Planteria Group’s extensive showcasing of office Christmas trees in their online gallery, and order online today! Placing an order for your commercial Christmas tree at The Planteria Group is completed in three simple steps.

1. Choose Your Tree

Select your size, and choose from either live Nordmann fir, artificial or contemporary cones.

2. Select Your Colour

Complement your theme by selecting from nine stunning colour options available.

3. Place Your Order

Confirm your delivery and collection dates and let The Planteria Group do the rest.

Once your order has been placed, The Planteria Group will aim to deliver and install your commercial Christmas tree on the week that you have requested it.

For a premium quality office Christmas tree and a bespoke commercial Christmas tree decorating service, order online from The Planteria Group today. If you would like to make an enquiry, you can contact us by phone on 0333 900 3133, or send your queries via email to

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