Why Making an Impact Costs Less Than You Think

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Setting up a business is an arduous task, but making sure that it keeps growing can be even more exhausting. Perhaps you have reached that point in which it seems impossible to keep expanding. You have run out of ideas but your competitors keep flourishing. You know you must do something. But, what?

Don’t get the wrong idea here. Remarketing your brand and making better sales doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, the little, non-expensive things are what really counts.

Schedule a Morning Meeting

Do you feel your employees are very tired and slightly unhappy? The daily grind does affect us all. There is something you can do, though, to boost the energy of your team. Each day, spare half an hour at the beginning to summon everyone into the same room. People can start by listing the things they are looking forward to do the most on that specific working day.

This will help the team to feel motivated. It will also improve the communication skills within your company as everyone will be sure their voice is heard. And, eventually, this will translate into a significant growing in your business – remember than happy employees are the ones who will push your vision further and further!

Ask Your Clients

You may be focusing all of your efforts on attracting new clients but, what about the existing ones? Once you get them interested in your services you forget about them – and that is not good! Experts have suggested that loyal clients are the ones who are really willing to invest in your business – and spreading the word.

Consider having some of your clients interviewed by an external company – so they feel they can be open and honest about your services. Just select random clients from your list and send them a letter so they can confirm they are happy to be interviewed. This measure will bring to the surface concerns you need to address to improve your company – and keep growing! Your clients will also appreciate it.

Online Marketing

We are constantly checking out our phones. That is why online marketing is – perhaps – one of the most effective ways of widening your audience. And the best news here is that it is also cost-effective! Consider creating a mailing list so your clients keep being informed about your products, new exciting launches and events. But don’t become that annoying spammer everyone deletes from their mailing list. Just send emails to those clients who have confirmed they want them and offer them the possibility to sign off your list whenever they feel like to.

Pay Attention to Detail

Both employees and clients will feel truly appreciated if you give importance to the details. And this relates to the visual impact of your business too. For instance, having fresh flowers in the office or in a clients’ meeting can improve the atmosphere significantly: everyone will immediately feel happy and ready to work.

Here at Jungle World we will bring you the best flowers directly from Holland. We work according to the seasons, so we always have an extensive catalogue of natural flowers you can choose from. And we will deliver them directly to your business in just a day! Contact our friendly team today and we will be delighted to help.


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