How to Keep Your Flower Arrangement Looking Great During Winter

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Now that summer is long gone, autumn and winter can often feel a little bit drab around the office. You and your colleagues might now be back from holiday and have noticed the breezy, summer atmosphere is missing. So to lift morale, some colourful flowers can do the trick.

At Jungleworld, we provide beautiful flowers for the UK’s business and hospitality industry, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to winter arrangements. With a wide range of flowers that invoke not only the beauty of the changing seasons but of nature itself, our expertly curated flower arrangements can provide the warmth and tranquillity that your office needs at this time of year.

But since flowers aren’t designed to live in these colder conditions, how do you keep your arrangements looking great during the colder months?


We imagine that you have your central heating roaring by now. Despite needing warmer temperatures to grow, however, cut flowers don’t like being near to radiators or other heating devices. To keep your arrangement strong, keep your flowers warm but away from direct heat.

Water and Water Changes

Very few flowers like cold water, so consider that water from your cold taps will be noticeably cooler during the winter months. When you are arranging flowers or changing their water, allow the taps to warm slightly and even add a dash of hot mixed in, so as to not shock the stems. Also, be sure to cut the stems at an angle to aid water uptake.


In many businesses, especially ones in which the outward appearance is a draw to customers, you may like to keep your flowers on a windowsill to attract passers-by. In actual fact, these window areas are likely to be the coldest parts of the building, so try to either rotate your display or at least remove them upon closing for the evening. Don’t let your flowers touch the window pane, as this is colder still!

At Jungleworld, we provide beautiful arrangements to over 600 businesses across London alone. Contact us if you want to invest in a new seasonal flower arrangement or have any queries about caring for your flowers – we’re always happy to help.

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