Incorporating Flowers in Office Design

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With warmer weather right at our doorstep, preparing your office for spring is easy. Adding flowers and plants to your office design positively impacts not only your employees but also everyone who visits your business. Be sure to incorporate floral arrangements throughout your building in order to have a cohesive design that inspires and boosts productivity and creativity!

Adding a Pop of Colour

Colours help to brighten up your office, as they break up the white walls and insert life into the room. Plants can soften the look of any room and enrich your office space, helping your employees to be more productive and boosting their mood.

Boosting your employees’ mood through a green office also helps your employees to improve their communication, ensuring they are more engaged with their work and co-workers.

As Decorations

Plants as decorations are the ideal piece to help bring focus to specific areas in your office. A green office is also a more attractive work environment with a more relaxed atmosphere. Add the perfect flowers to your office by choosing plants and flowers that help to remove toxins from the air.

Strategically placed plants and flowers completely transform an office space, showing you care for your company’s appearance.

Decorate Your Reception Area

Your reception area is often the first point of contact prospective clients and employees have with your business. When beautifully decorated and properly maintained, it can offer a welcoming environment that can make quite an impact on everyone who visits your place of business.

Use your company’s colours when choosing vases and planters, tying together your business’ colour scheme and reinforcing the strength of your brand. You can utilise flowers’ colours to contrast with the vases and complete the visual representation of your brand.

As expert commercial florists, here at Jungle World, we have experience in providing the highest quality of flowers to any business, from offices to restaurants. If you want to incorporate flowers into your office, simply get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0208 968 8190. Our friendly team is always happy to help and to answer any query you might have!

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