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Summer is a beautiful time of year, and what better time to make sure that your office is blooming with the colour of flowers and plants? However, for some of us, summer brings the prospect of runny noses, streaming eyes and sneezing fits. Yes, it is the season dreaded by hayfever sufferers. So while you are kitting your office out with beautiful flowers and plants, how can you ensure that hayfever-suffering staff stay happy?

HydrangeasHydrangea Bowl

Hydrangeas offer a pretty and wild look that can brighten up any office. However, you get the added bonus that they are easy on the noses of hayfever sufferers. These flowers are pollinated by insects which means that the pollen must be thick and sticky, stopping it from travelling so easily.


Thankfully, the flowers that rank high on the popularity ratings also rate low on the hayfever ratings. It doesn’t matter which colour you choose, hayfever sufferers will be thanking you for it.


Gladioli makes a great alternative for lilies which can often be hard on those who suffer from hayfever. You can choose from lots of different colours and they are just as pretty, making a lovely addition to any office.

Table SucculentsSucculents

Of course, you don’t need to opt for the traditional blooms to brighten up your office environment. Succulents and other plants can be a great alternative to flowers. Not only will they be more suitable for hayfever sufferers, they also last longer and look just as fantastic on a desk, reception area or in a meeting room.

There are many different options if you wish to choose flowers or plants which will be better for hayfever sufferers. At Jungle World, we stock a huge variety of blooms and arrangements, so you are sure to find something that fits perfectly with your office.

If you need a little extra help deciding what to choose, we would be more than happy to help. You can give us a call on 0208 968 8190, drop us an email at admin@jungleworld.co.uk or fill out our online contact form. However you decide to contact, us we will be delighted to assist you as you choose the perfect flowers and plants for your office.

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