Global Warming’s Effect On The Flowers

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In recent years it seems global warming has become a permanent fixture in the news. The topic of debate usually focuses around rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, but what about the flowers?!  Changes in temperature, levels of precipitation and cloud patterns all have a direct effect on the well-being of all the Earth’s flowers and plants – not to mention tons of other unpredictable variables.


Scientists from across the globe often attempt to create artificial environments that simulate climate change in order to determine the responses of different flower groups. Whilst they can never truly mimic climate change, the findings show that the lives of flowers are due to drastically change over the coming years. Flowers are low down on the food chain, and whatever affects them will spawn consequences for those higher up the ladder. Global warming will disrupt the flowers’ blooming cycles and some whole flower groups might perish. Thus starts the domino effect, as water usage patterns change and wildlife – dependent on these flowers – have to adapt.


Despite all this ominous talk, there is some good news to come out of it for us flower lovers. Scientists are now predicting that some flowers could emit a fragrance that is nine times stronger than what they currently produce! A recent report suggests that if temperatures were to increase by 1°C (34°F) – 5°C (41°F) then the flowers’ ability to release sweet smells will greatly increase. According to the study, as conditions get hotter plants are able to produce more terpenes (the chemicals that give the flowers a scent), meaning the air would be full of rich aromas. In turn, this could increase bee pollination as the strong smells allow the flowers to be located with more ease.


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