Flowers: The Unsung Heroes of the Office

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Walking into your office, how many times have you noticed the stunning flowers sitting in reception or calmly placed on your office windowsill? You may think that your bouquet of flowers are simply in your office to add a little bit of aesthetical pleasure to your 9-5 setting. The truth is that plants have a far greater impact on office life than many people give them credit for.


Brings Life and Colour

It’s been proven that visual stimulation can help with office productivity. A splash of colour, no matter how small, can greatly help to focus you and your employees. Depending on the colour of your plant can also mean the difference between a calming office or an excited office (believe it or not).

As with paint, bright red is highly stimulating while soft yellow is very soothing. Depending on the colour scheme of your office, your stunning flowers and plants can enhance  your employees emotions or they can help balance them out.


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Instant Pick-Up

Beautiful colours aside, bringing a piece of the outdoors into your office is an effective way to instantly settle your employees into working mode. Simple and effective, your plant or bouquet of stunning winter flowers can help bring a smile to your employees faces. Their calming presence can also help to dispel any negativity in your workplace.


Personal Perspective of a Person Planning for Work


Conversation Starters

Lastly your office plant is a wonderful conversation starter between yourself and your work colleagues, or your clients. Small talk is a big part of our every-day life and when it comes to setting people at ease, or welcoming a client into a conversation, it’s always nice to have a conversation starter that doesn’t revolve around the weather.

Whether it’s the vibrant or subtle colours of your plant, the beauty of your flower arrangement or starting a conversation, you can be certain that the flowers and plants in your office are hard at work taking care of your clients and staff.


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As expert suppliers in corporate flowers, we know just how important an elegant flower arrangement  is for your office. If you’d like to find out more about how beautiful plants can help to improve your office, contact us today on 0208 968 8190.


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