The Flower Trends of 2017

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With less than half of 2017 left, some significant flower trends have been apparent this year already. If you’re thinking of updating the appearance of your work space, business or restaurant or simply redecorating your office, follow the flower trends of 2017 to keep updated and mirror a contemporary business with contemporary décor. Flowers enhance the aesthetics of any building whilst also bringing personality and a certain style, depending on the theme and trend of the chosen plants and flowers.

Which flower trend inspires you?


Lime, olive, emerald, mint, and all shades of green: you may have noticed them not only outside but inside throughout the year. Lush greens boasting thriving masses of foliage give an earthy, comforting feel to any room.  Styling greenery in glass vases or designed around fixtures provides a budget friendly way of adding life to your chosen area while also bringing an aroma of fresh air.

Millennial Pink

Heard of millennial pink? Even if you haven’t, you will have most probably have seen the colours – an array of blush shades, mostly pastel, and soft pinks. Consumer personalities are leading the way for 2017, predominantly led by the millennial generation. Dahlias, particularly the varieties Café au Lait, Labyrinth and Peaches N’ Cream, fit beautifully with the millennial trend and add an essence of beauty and femininity to your business or office space.


Parisian Style

The Parisian Style trend brings an essence of French country to your building. The trend highlights deep red and chocolate tones complemented by pastel hues of champagne, blush pink and pale blue. The trend is perfectly suited for restaurants or bars, portraying a romantic and luxurious setting. Flowers such as roses and peonies fit this trend, complemented by trailing jasmine.


This trend is ideal for bringing life, vibrancy, and personality into the workplace. With inspiration from tropical foliage and exotic climates, flowers such as freesia, calla lilies, protea and carnations fit this trend. A jungle vibe is created with bright colours which will enhance the atmosphere in a room and add bring summer inside, even if it’s dull outside.

Buttery Yellow

The colour yellow captures our attention more than any other colour. It brings happiness, optimism, and creativity into any situation, so it would benefit the enthusiasm within the workplace. The Potentilla and Marguerite plants would add brightness to any room whereas the sunflower or Verbascum Olympicum would bring life outside the building.

At Jungle World, we can provide you with the latest floral and plant arrangements for your work space or corporate environment, creating a stylish and contemporary workplace and keeping staff and clients happy. Choose a trend that would suit your workplace (or a popular flower in Britain) and we can provide an array of plants and flowers to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today or simply call 0208 968 8190 for more information.

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