Floral Power: Flower Spotlight on Lisianthus

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There are so many different flower varieties in the world that it is often impossible for businesses and corporations to choose which they would like to appear in their floral displays.

For this reason, we’ve decided to begin a blog series which covers a range of different flowers that you may not have heard of, but should be aware of when it comes to selecting the flowers for your display!

First up on our list is one of our ultimate favourite flowers; the Lisianthus.

Powerful and Colourful

The lisianthus that we have today isn’t actually the flower that it used to be. Since the 1930’s, Japanese growers have been breeding and perfecting the flower extensively, and the result is a flower which has a great deal of detail, colour and longevity.

bouquet of violet lisianthus flowers

Originally, the flower can be found growing in North America in the vast prairies which can be found there. This is one of the reasons that it is known as the “Texas Bluebell” in many parts of the world. However, it is because of its beauty and rising popularity that the lisianthus is no longer a very common feature of the landscape in these areas.

They come in a variety of different colours; from delicate lilacs and lavenders to deeper purples and pinks, there’s a shade to match almost any bouquet. There’s even varieties which come in two colours where the tips of the petals are a very different colour to that of the rest of the flower.

The Latin name for the lisianthus is Eustoma, and the word lisianthus can be literally translated as dissolving flower from Greek.

A Versatile, Long Lasting Flower

Unlike some flowers, the lisianthus is extremely versatile; it can be used in almost any arrangement and fit in seamlessly with any other flower which is may be paired with.

Beautiful pink eustoma flowers isolated on white background

They come in many different varieties, some of which include single stemmed flowers which result in a single bloom per stem, to multi stemmed varieties which have multiple flowers coming from a number of stems. The beauty of these multi stemmed varieties is that not all the blooms will open at the same time, extending the longevity of the plant and giving a seamless layered look within a display.

They also have an extensive life even when cut and arranged, with many flowers blooming beautifully for around five to fourteen days when watered and cared for adequately, making them a great choice for those corporate displays which you want to keep looking beautiful for longer.

Violet Eustoma iStock_000090026739_Small

At Jungle World, we think that the lisianthus makes for the perfect corporate flower, especially if your display is to be situated where your employees will be able to see it. They are said to represent gratitude and thankfulness – something that your employees will surely appreciate!

Corporate flower arrangements are our speciality, so if you’d like to benefit from our years of experience in creating the perfect display for a variety of companies, please feel free to get in touch with us today!



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