Christmas Doesn’t Have to be the End of Vibrant Flower Arrangements

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Although the winter season isn’t well known for its vibrant blooms, it doesn’t have to mean that your office or corporate flowers have to become scarce or bland in colour.

As specialists in corporate flowers in London all year round, we feel like it’s imperative that people understand that they can have fantastic flower arrangement all year round- even during the winter!

The saviour of a festive arrangement is the evergreen and at the moment, we can’t get enough of them!

Evergreen Arrangements

Green can be considered a very festive colour, which is why we love including evergreens in some of our more seasonal displays at this time of year.

The nature of an evergreen makes it an incredibly hardy plant, which can last for long periods of time. Many tend to last for a good few months if they are looked after correctly.

tall bush vase

Some evergreens such as spruce don’t take too well being indoors, as you may have notices if you have ever bought a real spruce Christmas tree. It tends to drop it’s needles easily when exposed to the warmth of the indoors, so if you are looking for a longer lasting arrangement, we’d advise against including spruce cuttings and using fir or cedar instead.

Add a Few Berries

Nothing adds a better festive touch than including a few berries into your arrangement for a small added splash of colour.

These will eventually harden and turn black, so you could swap real berries out for rubber-dipped berries, or even fake ones all together!

Flowers for your Arrangement

Believe it or not, there are flowers that are available for arrangements during the winter months.
Poinettia iStock_000051374504_Small

Buying fresh poinsettia at the start of December is a great way to have a plant that has a splash of vibrant colour just in time for Christmas, while hyacinth and amaryllis add a touch of class and originality to your arrangement.

Additional Features

Christmas is supposed to feel like a magical, festive time of year, so why not incorporate some festive accessories into your arrangement?

antherium bowl

Add coloured ribbon to the bottom of your bouquet or around your vase, and spray some delicate glitter spray over your blooms to give an extra special Christmas-y feel to your flowers.

Be sure not to overdo it with the spray of glitter, though- we do still want to see the beautiful natural blooms underneath too!

Don’t miss out on having a beautiful flower arrangement in your office or at your corporate event this festive season- contact the experts here at JungleWorld today! Call us on 0208 968 8190 and have a chat with our friendly team today. Alternatively, keep up to date with us over on our Google+ page!

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