How to Choose the Best Office Flowers for Summer

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Summer is almost here and you can expect beautiful greenery and vibrant colours all around you. Parks, gardens, woodlands… they are already bursting with freshness and striking colours and will continue to flourish throughout the warmer season.

You don’t have to benefit from flowers only when you go outdoors, so why not bring some of that joy and vivid beauty to the indoors as well? Take a look at our tips below for choosing the best flowers for your office:

Is it Colour You’re Looking for?

If it is, we have exactly what you need! From bright and exuberant sunflowers to stunningly multi-coloured tulips and more, Jungleworld has it all. A splash of colour can brighten up any space considerably, especially if your office is more neutrally decorated. Bright colours are perfect to be displayed in any reception area or office, as they instil a feeling of happiness and glamour.

You can choose from many different shades and celebrate summer in style – after all, plants and flowers make us feel more connected with nature and more at peace.

Is Green More Your Thing?

Green plants can improve the air quality of a room, so it’s not surprising that many people choose to have them in their offices during summer! It has also been found that the colour green lowers stress and, therefore, ensures that your employees feel more relaxed. They also liven up any space, including the office.

Succulents are easy to care for and look great anywhere, especially in summer! You can place them in a windowsill or on a desk; it’s up to you!

Do You Prefer to Focus on the Aroma?

If smell is more important to you, then fragrant-rich flowers, like gardenias and lilies, is exactly what you’ve looking for. Lilies, for example, are not just suited for a dining room or for a special event or occasion; these beautiful flowers are perfect for office environments, as your employees will be able to delight themselves – and feel relaxed – at the attractive aromas wafting from them.

The air will feel cleaner this summer if you choose fragrant flowers, as they add a sweet aroma that perfectly complements the season and remains attractive for a very long time.

It can be summer indoors all year round if you choose summery flowers everyone will enjoy – you can even choose hayfever friendly ones! Office plants don’t require a lot of light and typically have a much slower growth rate than outdoor plants and flowers. We have a vast array of office flowers so, if you’re not sure what you get, just talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you make a decision.

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