The Best Plants to Boost Office Productivity

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Plants are well known for making us feel happy and increasing our self esteem. But, they can also help to improve workplace productivity. If you are considering looking for indoor plants in London to help boost staff productivity within your office environment, then take a look at our pick of the very best office plants, where you should place them and which type will best suit your office environment.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great option for the small office or for when there is limited desk space. Just be sure to place them in low traffic areas such as in the corners of your chosen room or break room. Plants that thrive well in a hanging basket are, geraniums, pansies, Neon Pothos and the tobacco plant.

Desk Plants

There are a range of desk plants that you can choose from. Bonsai can be sculpted and personalised, while spider plants take less work. Cacti are another option that include those that produce tiny flowers. Create your own mini landscape with desk plants and boost your creativity and productivity.

Plants That Thrive in Low Light

If you work in an office space with particularly low light, then you need to choose plants that can cope well with this type of environment. One plant that copes extremely well in low light is the Snake Plant, otherwise known as the Sansevieria. It also needs very little watering. Palms, ferns, and ivy, are also good options.

Plants for the Busy Office Environment

When working in a busy office environment with very little time to tend to plants, it’s a good option to choose vibrant plants that need very little care. The Peace Lily has luscious green leaves and wonderful white blooms that will help to inspire and boost that creative streak. Other low maintenance plants include the Red-Edged Dracaena, Broadleaf Lady Palm, English Ivy and Weeping Figs. All are incredibly vibrant and low maintenance plants.

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