The Best Office Plants for the Horticulturally Challenged

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“Don’t leave that plant with me – I’ll only kill it!”

Some people find looking after plants easy – but for others, the very idea is a source of fear. These poor individuals have the opposite of green fingers, and can often feel like their very presence is a curse of doom upon the poor potted plant placed upon their desk. They look upon the beautiful green stem and elegant, colourful flowers and can only think of all its predecessors… the ones that went brown, fell apart and withered.

However, there is hope – there are plants that can withstand the attentions (or inattentions) of even the most horticulturally challenged!


The classic plant for the black-thumbed; cactus plants and other succulents can survive for a long time even if you do forget to water them. They do prefer to be watered occasionally, though, so remembering helps them to thrive! They like fairly bright light, so wouldn’t be suitable for a dark corner – you can tell if they’re not in a bright enough spot because they’ll start to lean towards the light source.


There are a few different varieties of Dracaena, but they all make great office plants because they are natural survivors. They won’t like extreme cold, but that’s not something the average office will throw at them. They like the right amount of light (too bright and they’ll go brown at the tips of the leaves and in spots, too dark and they’ll go pale) but will often survive even in a poorly lit spot, and they’re hardy enough to live through occasionally forgotten watering, too.

Peace Lily

Unlike some of our other choices here, this lovely flower will start to droop and wilt if you forget to water it. Give it a drink of water, however, and it’ll spring right back into life – and this can work even on occasions when it really does look like it’s gone for good.

Here at Jungle World, we believe we can find the right floral displays for any workplace; for more information on our office flowers and plants, why not call 0208 968 8190 to chat with one of our friendly team?

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