The Best Bouquets for Your Boss on National Boss Day

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October 16th is National Boss Day, so why not send your boss flowers to show them how much you appreciate their support and advice at the office? Whether your boss is a man or a woman, there’s something about the gift of flowers that is always fitting and welcome. And you don’t have to wait until 16th October – if your boss has been particularly great then they deserve a gift to say thank you.

Plant on Desk

Say it with Flowers

Flowers have a particular language, with each bloom symbolising different things. So, unless you’re married to the boss, red flowers or roses are never appropriate! But a modern informal arrangement with bamboo for good luck or even daisies for loyalty could be appropriate. Keep the palette fresh and bright using complimentary colours for a smart and contemporary effect. Yellow and orange flowers like sunflowers and chrysanthemums always make for a positive and uplifting impact.

A Floral Celebration

If your boss usually sends flowers to celebrate an occasion, whether it’s a birth or a birthday, then the chances are that they’ll enjoy receiving flowers on the same kinds of occasions. Context is everything when you’re sending flowers, so think about appropriate flowers and colours, plus little accessories like a bottle of champagne. Of course, you don’t have to send flowers at all – an unusual choice like a bonsai tree, cymbidium orchid or even a low maintenance cactus or succulent can be more appropriate to your boss’s taste.

Keep it in Perspective

Sending a huge bouquet can be a misstep in several ways – it may well be too ostentatious and too overwhelming for a small office. On the other hand, a minimalist orchid can get lost in a larger space. If your boss is hands on then they may not appreciate flowers at the office, in which case sending them to their home might be a more thoughtful gesture. Also consider whether it’s appropriate to send a solo gift, or whether flowers should come from the entire team. Think carefully about your boss’s likes and dislikes, their office design and what plant or floral arrangement will make the biggest impact, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make the perfect choice.

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