Best Autumn Flowers for Your Office

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Having flowers in the office is always relaxing, as they provide a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation through their vibrant colours. They are decorative and meaningful, and you can always match flowers to the season. With autumn upon us, here is a list of ten flowers that are perfect for your office:

Gladiolus Murielae

Elegant and stunning, the Gladiolus murielae is at its best around September and October. The striking white colour of its petals contrasts with the burgundy blotches at their base.


Nerines are gorgeous flowers ranging from a cerise pink to white or even crimson. There are records dating back to the 1600s of this flower from famous botanist Jacques-Philippe Cornut.


These popular autumn flowers will look beautiful in your office with its stunning, vibrant colours. Did you know that saffron is obtained from the stigmas of the flower Crocus sativus?


Similar in appearance to crocuses, sternbergias have a bright yellow colour that is perfect to match other autumn hues in your office.


Did you know that dahlias were originally grown as a food crop? These diverse flowers are thought to have been cultivated for centuries before their discovery in Mexico in the 16th century.

Cyclamen Hederifolium

With the name ‘cyclamen’ meaning circle and alluding to the tuber’s shape, this flower blooms in autumn to provide a wonderful display.


Chrysanthemums are used in Chinese cuisine but being a great food isn’t all these flowers are good for. NASA conducted a study on air quality and found that the flowers help to reduce air pollution.


The begonia genus has 1,839 different plant species, and their meaning is typically associated with being cautious. They used to be utilised to polish swords in addition to their decorative purposes.


Ideal for late autumn, snowdrops are used for medicinal purposes due to having a substance called galantamine. These flowers are often considered to be a symbol of hope as they are the first signs of spring.

Winter Aconite

Although it blooms in winter, this flower is perfect if you want to introduce a wintery feel into your office. Why not integrate it with autumn flowers to slowly transition into the season?

Here at Jungle World, we provide a wide range of flowers for your office, making sure that you and your employees have a fantastic environment to work in! Get in touch with our friendly team to know more.

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