The Benefits of Colour in Your Office (Pt 2)

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Previously, we have discussed the benefits of colour in your office; we took a look at what certain colours can do for your office’s environment; we looked at red, yellow, green, and blue! Of course, there are many more colours to choose from than the 4 above. So, we’re going to explore this further to see how certain shades effect your office’s environment; this will help you to choose the best corporate flowers for your building’s decor.

Purple – Creative & Wise 

Purple is associated with creativity, imagination and wisdom. Adding this colour as an accent is a great way to get those creative juices flowing making it perfect for design agencies. As purple is associated with wisdom, any visitors to your office will certainly be impressed and be more likely to trust your judgement.

Orange – Cheerful & Confident

To evoke a confident and cheerful atmosphere in your office that will certainly inspire the best work from employees use orange. This vibrant colour will add a summery feeling to your office which is perfect if you desire a more informal ambience. Not all office buildings have to be stuffy and rigid, add a little life with this marvellous colour.

White – Calm & Balance

For a calming and balanced aesthetic choose white; pure and serene it is a colour that allows for clear thinking and clarity. The best way to use white and ensure that the atmosphere isn’t boring yet still professional contrast with natural shades such as forest green.

Pink – Nurturing & Warmth

Pink is certainly a good choice if you’re looking to create a warm atmosphere; it’s an excellent choice for reception areas where visitors will enter and get the first impression of your business. Pink has connotations of nurturing, making it an excellent choice for training rooms or educational buildings. Of course, pink can also be seen as feminine.

So when picking the colours for your office; whether it is for the walls or your flowers, consider the meaning and the psychology of the colours that you are choosing – it could make all the difference to your office space.

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