Autumn Office Colour Schemes

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Summer is drawing to a close and the darker evenings are setting in. As you swap your loose summer wardrobe for warmer autumn jumpers, your office too can reflect the change in seasons with a makeover of autumnal colours.

Woodland Warmth

Autumn to many means the leaves changing, the cooler air slipping in and retreating to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Bring a coziness to your workspace with flowers and foliage of deep reds, golden yellows and dark greens, reminiscent of a walk through the woods in October.

yellow foliage

These colours, despite reflecting a colder season, still bring warmth and a certain nostalgia to any room. Vivid colours compliment the neutral tones of any office equipment and desk furniture, breathing life into any space.

Pumpkin spiced latte

In these modern times, many people get excited with the end of summer as it signals the return of a cult classic hot drink. The Pumpkin Spiced Latte is often revered (and mocked) as the calling card of autumn. Plus, with Halloween, the vivid orange of flowers such as Heliconia conjure images of carved pumpkins, filled with candles, smiling at passersby.

Heliconia plant in an Hawaii tropical garden.

Rockets of colour

Autumn also brings an abundance of colour on Bonfire Night. The skies above Britain are filled with rockets all colours of the rainbow. Bring some of that sparkle and colour into your office with brightly coloured single stem flowers dotted around, bursting open – just like fireworks.

Fire 2 Stock_000013617962_Medium

Totally tropical

If, however, autumn isn’t your thing, and you’d much rather be on some far-flung tropical beach, sipping a cocktail (and who could blame you?) then why not omit the colours of autumn altogether? Instead fill your workplace with cacti, brightly coloured tropical flowers and exotic orchids of many hues. You can forget about the cold and wet outdoors and escape to your own private resort, right in the comfort of your own office.

If you want to make your workplace an autumn wonderland, and capture the changing colours of the outdoors, then Jungle World provides a vast selection of plants, flowers and displays to brighten up your office. We’ve been cheering up these darker days (and the brighter ones too) across London for many years and if you need a put a little bit of colour back in your workplace, then contact us to see how we can help.

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