5 Top Tips for Brightening Up Your Reception

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The reception area is one of the most important office locations, since everybody has to pass through before they start their day’s work – so the mood that you conjure up in the reception can set the tone for the whole day.

Even more importantly, this is the spot that gives any visiting clients their first impression of your business: we all know that the first impression is the most important, so their entire opinion of your company could be greatly affected by the way you choose to present your reception.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with five fantastic tips for brightening up the area and ensuring that both employees and customers that call by are given good vibes for the rest of the day!

Install a Digital Television

A TV on the wall adds some instant life into the space even when there’s nobody physically present, so if the receptionist has to run an errand then the area will remain warm and inviting. If you want to appear like a business that’s on the pulse with current affairs then you could choose to set the television to a 24 hour news channel, however for something a little more personal you could also display your own content – a message that welcomes people to the building and gives some key information about your mission or values.

Choose Calming Colours


Recently there has been a lot of research into the ways in which different colours can affect the psychology of people who come into contact with them. Blue and green are the best colours for an office building, as they both inspire productivity and help people to shed some stress. Use bright pops of colour on fresh, white walls to get the biggest impact and help everybody feel pumped for the day ahead.

You could also consider getting a designer to come up with some company art – something which displays your logo in a creative way or captures the message of your brand, to add some more personal colour to the walls.

Add Some Personal Touches

A professional reception can look very impressive, but there’s a fine line to tread before you begin to intimidate people. A few personal touches can quickly soften the edge, and help people to feel comfortable and at ease. Best of all, you can choose items that reflect something about your brand identity: for instance, if you operate in a creative industry then why not use a Lego creation as an unusual and eye-catching prop that lets people know what you’re all about?

Consider Comfort

One place where you absolutely can’t afford to skimp on comfort is the reception, as you want to put potential customers in a good mood while they’re waiting. Install armchairs that you’ve personally tested and would feel happy being asked to wait in, and include plenty of cushions and light reading materials!

Freshen Up the Air with Flowers

One of the single most effective tools for brightening up your office space is the humble flower. A beautiful arrangement of flowers looks fantastic, brings life into the room and can even breathe oxygen back into the air – which has a huge impact on the energy of everybody in the building. In fact, flowers and plants are a fantastic choice for every room in your office building, as they can provide an instant boost to employees and visitors alike.

We provide fantastic decorative flowers for offices and other commercial spaces, which would be absolutely perfect for any reception that needs a little lift. These will be fashionable, fresh and best of all, real – you just can’t get quite the same effect with plastic flowers!  To find out more about our options, contact us online or at 0208 968 8190 today; our friendly team would really love to help you out.

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