4 Major Benefits of Office Plants

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Plants and flowers always brighten up any space. The colours, smells and link to nature all have a positive impact upon us, no matter if we are at home or work. When it comes to the office environment, plants have many benefits related to productivity and wellbeing. Below we share four major benefits of using office plants in London.

1. Plants are Great Stress Busters

Several studies, including one carried out by the University of Technology in Sydney, have discovered that having plants in the office space can reduce stress levels among its workers by as much as 37 percent. It is also suggested that just having one plant per office can help reduce fatigue, depression and stress. It is thought that the colour green is partly responsible for this, due to its calming and relaxing properties.

2. Plants Increase Productivity

Productivity can increase by as much as up to 15 percent when a plant is placed into the office space. If an individual can see a plant from their desk, then this can give them something to focus upon, other than their computer screen or piles of paper. Doing so helps to engage you psychologically, which makes you feel happy, which in turn leads to greater productivity.

3. Absence and Sickness Rates will Decrease

It has been found that that sickness and absence rates dramatically fall when plants are introduced to the office space. Although there is very little evidence to prove why this is so, one theory is that plants can help with the problem of ‘sick building syndrome’. Plants can also create positive changes to the psychosocial working environment, helping to create an increased sense of wellbeing. In essence, plants make us feel better.

4. Reduces Noise

Plants help to absorb and muffle sound. When they are placed around an open office, they can help to reduce all of those distracting noises, such as tapping on keyboards, the coffee machine, and general background chatter. Ideally, plants should be placed around the edge of the office space, and in the corners, to achieve a reduction in office background noise.

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