3 Workplace Areas To Brighten Up With Flowers

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Sure, as humans, we know there is no better feeling than receiving a large bouquet of beautiful flowers from a loved one. It puts you in a brilliant mood all day; so why not incorporate this same feeling in the workplace?

Whether it’s displaying floral arrangements in a reception area, on individual employee’s desks or adding a pop of colour in hallways and waiting areas – office flowers really are the perfect way to add a little positivity and encourage creativity within a workplace.

Here’s a few creative ways to incorporate flowers into your work environment, and display your flowers to design perfection.


Whether you work within a small or large spaced area; make sure flowers are visible within most parts of the building. When heading to a meeting, or walking a client to a particular part of a building – there is nothing more boring that blank magnolia walls, so get a little creative!

Hallways are the ideal spot for both flowers and plants, allowing a little colour and natural detailing to an otherwise boring and relatively undecorated space. Opt for larger and more expressive displays to really draw attention and add a blast of colour to those blank corridor walls.


First impressions count, so when it comes to the reception area of a workplace – make sure you focus on creating a welcoming, colourful and positive atmosphere, for both client and employee!

When clients visit your workplace, you want them to make a good first impression, so be sure to fill your reception or waiting area with plenty of colourful and beautiful floral additions to encourage a welcoming vibe. Whether for stand-alone arrangements, or floral vases to sit on tables and desks, opt for ones of a similar colour palette to really enhance a stylish and coherent decor.


Displaying plants and floral arrangements in an office space have been proven to encourage productivity, improve moods and enhance creativity. Whether you opt for an air purifying plant, or a colourful and lively floral vase – adding a little natural colour to a workplace really benefit both employer and employee!

Whether you choose large corner floral displays, free-growing plants or individual pots for individual desks – be sure to stick to a coherent and complementary colour scheme throughout. As pictured above, displaying a small flower pot upon each employee’s desk is sure to brighten up the room and atmosphere!

Here at Jungle World, we are passionate about floral quality, and are proud to be one of the leading providers of office flowers in London. We currently supply to over 600 clients weekly, and provide floral additions to a range of various corporate, creative and retail industries. For more information, or to speak to one of our friendly team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 968 8190 today!

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