3 Air Purifying Plants For The Office

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We’ve all worked in a drab, boring and off-white walled office, however, adding a touch of creativity, encouraging positivity and improving productivity really isn’t any harder than adding some natural green to your office space!

As adding corporate flowers and plants to a work environment carries proven wellness benefits, as well as air purifying qualities, here are a few office-perfect plants that’ll scrub the air (which can be five times more polluted than the air outside), and stimulate your brain, whilst making the space welcoming, natural and of course, oh so green!

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies love the shade, so they’ll do just fine even if placed far from a window. They are eye-catching, classic and are one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality.

As a popular chosen houseplant, an environmental scientist working with NASA actually concluded that peace lilies in particular removed more VOCs from the air that any other houseplant, making it not only the most popular plant, but the most efficient!

Improves: Air quality

Care: Lilies require adequate drainage, so be sure to check the soil every few days, and water as necessary. To ensure healthy leaves and frequent flowering, never allow the soil to dry out.

The office cactus can be a great option for individual desks, and by keeping a small robust plant around your personal space, you are in fact working to purify the air around your working area!

Although considered unattractive by some, cactuses are in fact an extremely popular option for many offices, and require little to no general care.

Improves: Air quality and creativity

Care: As they require an extremely small amount of regular upkeep, cactuses are known for their hardy nature and require very little watering. However, they do require sunlight, but not direct.


The Dracaena plant is an extremely popular choice when it comes to making business premises ‘green in both aesthetic and environmental manners. Due to their versatile nature, the Dracaena species have become amongst the top 10 most popular office plants to date, and offer over 40 different types (although only 8 are used indoors).

They have been credited for their ability to help reduce and remove potential harmful toxic that pollute indoor environments, making them the ideal option for busy and various-scale office spaces!

Improves: Air quality

Care: As the Dracaena species are capable of surviving in dimly lit office environments, they do not require much light, and very little maintenance. They are also able to survive in dry conditions, and are an extremely robust plant, offering a slow-growing and office-friendly option for any work environment!

Here at Jungle World, we understand the importance of creating a positive, clean and efficient work environment, and are proud to be one of the leading providers of corporate flowers in London in order to enhance any business space! We currently supply a range of beautiful flowers and plants to over 600 customers in a variety of industries, so for more information or to speak to one of our friendly team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 968 8190 today!

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