Choosing Complementary Colours

Whether you’re redecorating your office or you’re moving into a new building, you may be thinking about the colour palette you can use to make your office look great. Of course, it’s important to consider complementary colours, ensuring that they fit together nicely. Clashing colours can turn a stylish and cosy office into a garish space that isn’t particularly conducive to work.

Colour Wheel

To work out complementary colours, you first need to consider the colour wheel and where the colours sit in correlation to one another. There are a number of different groupings that make perfect colour harmonies.

Complementary Colours

To find complementary colours, you look at the colours that sit directly opposite each other, such as blue & yellow and green & red. These colours contrast dramatically, complementing each other perfectly. These colours are often used in marketing materials as they are eye-catching and bold.


These colours are sat next to each other on the colour wheel, so are complementary in a subtle way. Different shades of one colour can look great when placed together, something that can often be achieved with flower bouquets.


If you were to place a triangle on the colour wheel, the points would be on triadic colours which complement one another. For example, green, purple and orange provide a triadic colour scheme.


Similar to the triadic colour scheme, the square picks the colours from the four points of a square on the colour wheel. This could feature the colour scheme using red, blue, green and yellow, for example. This can be a particularly loud and bold scheme, so it’s often best to make one colour the dominant one in the scheme and use the others sparingly.

When you are choosing flowers and plants for your office, you may want to consider the colours you are already using in your office and how the colours of the flowers will complement the design. Of course, we are always on hand to advise you and help you to decide which would look best. If you would like to talk to us about your colour scheme, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 0208 968 8190 or by emailing us at and we will be more than happy to help.